What exactly is the BRAT diet?

If or when you have recently had some kind of upset stomach or perhaps diarrhea, your physician may advise you to change your eating plan to dull ingredients which won’t aggravate the stomach. The BRAT diet is a bland-food diet which is frequently advisable for adults as well as kids. BRAT means Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast. The BRAT diet can certainly help you recover from some kind of upset stomach or diarrhea for the following reasons:

It includes “binding foods.” These tend to be low-fiber foods which can help render your stools firmer.
It includes bananas, that are high in potassium which help replace nutrients and vitamins the body has missing because of vomiting or perhaps diarrhea.

Whenever must I follow the BRAT eating plan?

Once you have diarrhea or perhaps vomiting, follow the BRAT eating plan to aid your system to ease back into normal eating. This excellent eating plan can even help ease the nausea as well as vomiting some ladies experience during pregnancy.
You can add other bland foods to the BRAT eating plan. For instance, you can easily try saltine crackers, boiled potatoes or soups. Don’t get started on eating dairy items as well as sweet or perhaps oily foods too quickly. Those foods may trigger nausea or perhaps cause even more diarrhea.

When must I avoid the BRAT eating plan?

Powerful ingredients, like those within the BRAT eating plan, tend to be not recommended for adults or perhaps kids who happen to be actively vomiting. Rather, follow plain liquids initially as well as wait until you can eat solid foods with no vomiting. If in case you have been vomiting or perhaps have diarrhea, consuming an electrolyte beverage (some brand names: Pedialyte, Rehydralyte) may help take care of dehydration. Utilize the products depending on to the doctor’s instructions.

Exactly How Long must I Follow the BRAT diet?

Simultaneously grownups and kids must follow the BRAT eating plan for just a short period of time since it does not offer all of the aspects of the healthy eating plan. Following the BRAT eating plan for too in length may cause your body to become malnourished. This will mean you will be not getting enough of numerous important nutrients. In case the body is malnourished, it will be hard to help you get better.

You should be able to begin eating a more regular diet, such as fruits and vegetables, within about twenty four to 48 hours after vomiting or perhaps having diarrhea.

Ask your children doctor if or when you have concerns about whether or not you or your youngster must follow the(587) 276-7671.

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B.R.A.T Diet For Pets

Much like for children and others suffering stomach or diarrhea problems the B.R.A.T Diet can also be utilized for dogs and other pets.

Before starting your pet on any dietary change be sure to always consult your pet care provider to ensure your pets safety.

If you have concluded that your pet indeed does need the B.R.A.T Diet than you can start your pet slowly on this dietary change to help them recover quickly and without medications. First things first make sure your pet is showing symptoms of diarrhea and has no allergies to breads, rice or bananas. The B.R.A.T Diet consists of these ingredients and you can implement them to your pets tastes.

For smaller pets it may be best to crumble up the toast and much up the bananas to avoid choking. Once the pieces are ready to be consumed introduce them slowly to your pet to allow them to feel comfortable eating this new dietary change. You also may want to add a small bit of peanut butter to entice your pet to eat the new diet.

Monitor your pet closely to make sure they are responding well to the B.R.A.T Diet and that no other symptoms are developing or present.

Make sure you also try not to give your animal wheat as it may aggravate the problem more. The B.R.A.T Diet can also be used for other problems regarding pets other than diarrhea.

For example if your pet has eaten something harmful and you are waiting for it to pass it may be a good idea to start your animal on this diet as to keep nutrients still in their system but also allowing a simple digestive process.

It is also good to know that you want to keep your animal hydrated if they are showing signs of diarrhea as diarrhea is a sure sign of nutrients and hydration being lost.

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(503) 724-5159

Doctors have suggested the B.R.A.T Diet (bananas, rice, applesauce and toast) for years when it comes to diarrhea in toddlers and children. Combing the B.R.A.T Diet with increased fluid intake helps to remedy upset stomach and relieve loose stool. Using all natural foods while monitoring your child is a safe efficient way without medication to not only save yourself a trip to the hospital but to also help your child recover quickly.

Upset stomach and diarrhea are extremely uncomfortable especially in young children and toddlers.

How to Administer The B.R.A.T Diet?

Ensure your child is drinking clear fluids such as water. Pedialyte and liquids such as Smart Water which replace electrolytes lost during diarrhea are also helpful. Remember it is important to keep hydrated to replace the water in the body lost from loose stool. Once you are assured your child can take in liquids without irritability it is safe to administer the B.R.A.T Diet in its solid form. Introduce the bananas first to help bind the stomach as well as the rice to help decrease the rate of diarrhea and hold in hydration. Applesauce and toast can then be eaten but remember to keep sugar intake to a bare minimum. Consume sugar free applesauce or no sugar added. You can add jelly to the toast to make it easier to digest for your child but again remember to keep sugar to a minimum.

Keep in mind what you may think is healthy for your child can further perpetuate the problem. Dairy and raw foods are not good for babies and toddlers while they have stomach problems and these items should be avoided for about a week after they start to feel better. Avoid fatty foods as well as this can retrigger diarrhea and stomach pains.

Avoid soft drinks, sugary drinks, and candy while on the B.R.A.T Diet and for a short period of time after your child starts to feel better.

Provided you have attempted to try the B.R.A.T Diet and are seeing no immediate remedy to your child you should seek the advice of your health care provider.


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